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Action RPG with Bitcoin economy · By megogame


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Extra! Plague of giant rats attacks Nexus!
"A rat invasion has taken the Nexus port! Commanded by their Rat Leader, a titanic creature coming from the unknown depths. Many of the strongest warriors have...
3 files — 1259
Update! Game launcher is no longer needed
Players can login using the game client directly Position glitches when colliding with other players fixed...
3 files — 1237
What does it take to be a warrior?
"What does it take to be a warrior? Strength? Weapons? Armor? Thirst of blood? To be a warrior you should KNOW there’s something greater out there. UNDERSTAND...
3 files
Update: The Wiki!
Hello everyone! We want to announce that the Hammercoin Wiki is now available, which will become a real compendium of information on how to move and fight, how...
New Quest & New Event: "The Secret Chests"
Hello friends, We'd like to share with you that this week we've been working on new missions and integrate a new feature: Secret Chests! New quests are availabl...
New missions in Oasys!
The fight for the last tree in the continent has begun. Reptilian hordes seek to put an end to the last vestige of nature known to human race. Warriors and wa...
3 files
New Update: "The Call Of Pterodactyls"
"After the cataclysm produced by the meteor storm which led to the transformation of the planet into a great desert, the existing nature disappeared under the s...
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This thread is to keep you up about the new stuff we are working on. This week (12 dec) we are working on the quest upda...
started by chulini Dec 12, 2016
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teleport is missing. I stuck to restart does not help. no monsters
started by Tvshnik Dec 07, 2016
1 reply
started by myrloc Dec 11, 2016
2 replies
Im need to know how to TP, because im trapped in an empty dungeon and i dont know how to get out of there.
started by Cuchencio Dec 10, 2016
2 replies
Purchased this game, played for 5 mins. and cannot log back in with my email, reset password link does not recognize my...
started by u2f0ie5 Dec 10, 2016
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Hey there! I see the game's files are hosted on Amazon S3 right now. May I suggest using ins...
started by Amos Dec 02, 2016
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When I first talked to Kepha, he greeted me and mentioned something about the land, the dwarves and then 3 empty chat bu...
started by ultrasam Dec 01, 2016
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found my way to a temple full of rats and fairies. but I dont get XP for killing them. I am playing on ubuntu.
started by kage04 Nov 29, 2016
4 replies
Hi, Whats the email address to send crash reports to the developers? When the game crashed I got and message saying send...
started by kage04 Nov 30, 2016
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