Extra! Plague of giant rats attacks Nexus!

"A rat invasion has taken the Nexus port! Commanded by their Rat Leader, a titanic creature coming from the unknown depths. Many of the strongest warriors have succumbed before its power. We need everyone to help!" - Grand Master Tyco III, leader of the Anti Reptilian Force

Rat Leader is the new adventure of Hammercoin. In it you confront RAT LEADER, an elite enemy with its army of rats and other creatures with only one purpose: to exterminate human race.

Few warriors are left, but they will help you get the job done and stop the enemy from taking over Nexus.

Also, In this new edition of Hammercoin you will find:

- Combat system improved - Nexus map overhauled - New quests - Ooze & Wharen enemies have new abilities

Now, get ready because you are going to war!

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Linux (experimental) 98 MB
Version 1259 May 28, 2018
macOS 99 MB
Version 1259 May 28, 2018
Windows 98 MB
Version 1259 May 28, 2018

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